Impact Coaching


About the program

The reason to start the impact coaching program is that during the COVID-19 pandemic, students could not always develop their societal impact skills due to the lack of real-life contact. Moreover, creating societal impact is important ambition of Utrecht University where this program will try to contribute to.

The impact coaching program of the academic year 2022-2023 is a trial, which can continue if it proves to contribute to the development of social impact skills. To evaluate the effectiveness of the coaching program, we will need to scientifically analyze the results of your progress assessments. This means that by participating in the program, you will also participate in a scientific study. Your personal data will be treated confidentially, and the study will adhere to the ethical standards for scientific research.

The program will be offered by Jacco Farla (former Director of Education at Department SD) and UU Educational Consultancy & Professional Development. The lead of the program is Frank van Rijnsoever (master coordinator of the department of SD and Senior Teaching Fellow at UU). The daily coordination of the program is conducted by Jakob Schiele and Jelle de Swart.