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Registration deadline is 12 september 2022

In September 2022, the department of Sustainable Development will launch in Impact Coaching program! This program helps first year master students to further develop their skills to create societal impact. The program is a trial, and participation is on a voluntary basis. Not all students are required to participate.

However, we need to scientifically evaluate to the effect of the program on the impact skills of students. To be able to do so, we need a control group of students who did not follow the impact coaching program. By comparing the development on impact skills between students who participated, and those who did not participate, we can assess what the effect of the of impact coaching is.

What we ask from you

We are looking for students who want to join the control group! This takes place on a voluntary basis; you can opt out at any moment. Participation entails that during the year at three or four occasions, we ask you to fill out some brief questionnaires on the development of three areas of impact skills: (1) personal leadership, (2) teamwork, and (3) interacting with societal stakeholders. In total filling out the questionnaires will take about 30 minutes during the academic year. The first questionnaire is the longest.

In addition, we will link your responses to two data sources that we have at UU:

  • Your application for your master program at UU. This will give us insight in relevant background information such as your gender, age, previous education, and your motivation for studying a master program, so that you don’t have to fill it out yourself
  • Your study progress during master (course participation and grades) as registered in OSIRIS. This will give us insight in whether the development of your social impact skills is related to your overall study progress. During certain regular courses you might also develop social impact skills.

To make the link between these external data sources, we will use your UU-student number. Your data will be treated confidentially and anonymously in accordance with privacy law (GDPR), and the guidelines of the collective Universities of the Netherlands. The data will be stored on a secured server. There are no personal risks involved with participating is this study.


If you complete all questionaries, you can receive a reward. This reward consists either of participating in a lottery for a 40 euro gift voucher, or a donation of 5 euros to the Tresor foundation (guaranteed), which helps to preserve tropical rainforests: You can choose which option you prefer.

More importantly, you will help us to gather evidence to further improve our education when it comes to creating societal impact. Future generations of students will benefit from your participation!

Do you want to participate?

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By participating you give us permission to connect your questionnaire responses to the application for your master’s program and your study progress.

Further information and contact details

This research is sponsored by the Open Science Program at Utrecht University. Your data will be statistically analyzed and used to improve the Impact Coaching program and improving education for societal impact in general. Further, the results of our analyses are used for scientific purposes, such publications, presentations, or reports. We will not use the data for commercial purposes.

The study is conducted by Jelle de Swart and Frank van Rijnsoever. If you have more questions, suggestions for improvement, send an email to Jelle de Swart ( We will be happy to hear from you!

If you have any complaints about the research, you can send an email to our complaints coordinator Robert van Wijk (

If you have concerns regarding the protection of your privacy, you can send an email to the privacy officer at Utrecht University (